Choosing the Right Strategy

At Hornbuckle Investment Strategies, we believe that money should be used to help you fulfill your life purpose. In that regard, we help you select a sound investment strategy to accomplish your goals.

Lasting, meaningful relationships are the foundation of our practice.

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Our proprietary process begins by exploring your needs, life goals, and how your money can be best utilized to make your life better.
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Risk / Benefit Analysis

We discuss different financial strategies and investment options and provide education on why they may or may not be the best choice.

For example, understanding how the amount of equities and fixed income investments in your account is critical to determining your risk tolerance and the performance of your account. When necessary we educate you on the pros and cons of annuities, differences between advisory solutions and transactional accounts, and provide important general information about tax consequences such as capital gains and losses.
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Selection and Implementation

We have powerful investment strategies developed through many years managing money, such as advisory solutions to help you provide income for your retirement. At this stage we will make a proposal to you on how to best manage your investments. Together we decide on a strategy by way of course you can accomplish your financial goals.
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Review and Evaluate

Ongoing reviews of your investments are key to our process. Many of our clients will want to draw upon our strength and experience as portfolio managers to review and actively manage their money. Some clients will opt for non-advisory solutions and will want to choose all their own investments. Regardless of your selection, we keep in touch by annual reviews of your account-- staying connected with you is how lasting trust develops and leads to a level of confidence.